Flowclass 筆記共享



By assessing the platform of Flowsophic Limited, you unconditionally agree to this Selling Agreement between Flowsophic Limited and Seller (‘document’ or ‘agreement’). In this agreement, Flowsophic Limited may be referred as ‘we’, ‘Flowsophic’, and ‘platform’. Seller refers to any party that sells their study materials through our platform, it may be referred ‘you’. We may modify this document without notifying you. If you have any question regarding this document or wish to file complaints, please email to admin@flowsophic.com.

2.            The works which are sold through our platform are owned by you. You are liable to the contents of your works. We may provide your identity to the buyers upon their requests. If we have done so, we are going to notify you.

3.            If we have found any reproduction of work that is unauthorized by you or us, we are going to notify you. You may take legal actions in accordance with Hong Kong’s intellectual property laws on your own. In this regard, we shall have the right to claim the commission fees that shall be paid as if your work is sold through Flowsophic. In addition, we have the rights to initiate legal actions without your consent in cases of these unauthorized actions.

4.             Provided that you follow the rules set by this agreement and other affiliated agreements, if we have accidentally leaked your work to the public, except in the circumstances as specified in (3), we shall compensate you. The amount would be determined by the Court or by negotiations between you and Flowsophic.

5.            As sellers, you would provide accurate information to Flowsophic and our customers at all times, not misuse Flowsophic’s features or services, not attempt to damage or abuse another seller, not attempt to influence customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews, not send unsolicited or inappropriate communications, not contact customers without our consent, mot attempt to circumvent the our sales process, not hold more than one seller’s account without a legitimate need.

6.            You may request the username, email address, order ID, and the note(s) purchased of a specific order. However, you must convince us to provide the information with a legitimate reason. We reserve the right not to provide the information for the privacy of the buyers. 

7.            You must provide your true English name as on your HKID card, your email address, and your bank account information. We may ask for additional information from you for verifications. If you have provided inaccurate information that results in your losses, we would not compensate you.

8.            You must not use materials that are owned by us without our consent.

9.            The price recommended by you (‘pre-set price’) may not be the final price on Flowsophic. However, we shall use the formula of pre-set price times (1 – agreed commission rate) for calculating our accounts payable to you. We are the price setter of the study materials.

10.         Unless in unforeseeable and tragic circumstances that severely disrupt our operations, or there is no relevant sales in the concerned period, we should file a quarterly sales report to you and clear our accounts payable to you quarterly. However, you are notified that due to our Refund Policy, sales within 3 calendar days from the accounts receivables clearing date would not be cleared. They would be transferred to the next clearing period.

11.       In cases of processing errors, you authorize us to correct the errors, including but not limited to crediting or debiting your bank account.

12.           You are reminded that your profits from Flowsophic may be liable to taxes.

13.        If you wish to terminate your account or no longer sell a specific product on Flowsophic, you should notify us at least 10 calendar days before your desired termination date. We could terminate your account anytime if you have violated any of our terms in any agreement (included but not limited to this agreement, Refund Policy, Copyright Notice and Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy). We would explain to you in written form in case of termination by us. Your account would be closed on the designated termination date, but your accounts receivables from us would be cleared on the next clearing date instead of immediately.

14.         The laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China govern this agreement. Our services are operated in Hong Kong.

15.            We may modify the terms anytime.

16.            By using our services, you hereby consent to this agreement.