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私隱政策 Privacy Policy of flowsophic.com

Flowsophic cares about your privacy. We handle your data in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486). This Privacy Policy (‘Policy’) explains how we record and use your data.

 If you have any question regarding this Policy, please contact us through info@flowsophic.com.

Collection of Information

We do not collect any data which can identify an individual, unless you provide it voluntarily.


 Cookies track your behaviour on Flowsophic digitally. These include, but not limited to, which webpages you have visited and your preferences. We intend to utilize these data for customizing our webpage for you and providing a better service.

Website Analytics

We have integrated the analytics function of the hosting company, Automattic. The information collected includes your demographic information, browser’s type, access data and time, et cetera. This does not allow us to collect any personal data. We wish to analyse the usage trends for better information administration.

Third Parties

We may allow third parties to collect your information on Flowsophic. These parties may include advertisers or other analytics tools. We have ensured that these parties have followed an acceptable Policy as we are. This Policy does not apply to these parties. You are advised to consult their Policies for further information.

Provision of Personal Data

You may be asked to provide your personal data in different situations, such as the registration of an account. These are done on voluntary basis.

We would never sell your data for profit. However, for normal business operations, we may provide your personal data to our partners, such as banks which are the financial intermediates for us to pay or receive funds from you. Unless required by law or prior approval granted by you, we would never provide your data to other parties which are unrelated to our normal business operations.

Your data are always encrypted during transmission and storage. The access to your personal data is restricted to authorized managers only.

 You can always request a document regarding what personal information you have provided to us. However, if you request a written hardcopy document, additional administrative fees may be charged.

Request for Deletion of Personal Data

You can always submit a request if you would like us to delete any or all personal data and account information stored on databases associated with flowsophic.com.

Please send an email to admin@flowsophic.com with a title that includes the exact wording “Data Deletion: ____”, where the underlined part is your account name. In the content of the email, please specify what information you would like us to remove. If no further information is provided, we will delete all information associated with your account name.